The 7 Simple Steps To

Becoming Your Own Banker

The 7 Simple Steps To

Becoming Your Own Banker

In this special report you will get:

  • A cheat sheet on the exact actions you need to take to find out if the process of becoming your own banker is for you
  • Clear direction on how you can create guaranteed cash flow and achieve UNINTERRUPTED COMPOUNDING on your money
  • The resources you need to answer all the burning questions you have on implementing The Infinite Banking Concept in Canada!
  • Guidance on the key questions you need to ask yourself before getting started with the concept and how to best prepare for your first meeting with an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner

  • Plus, access to amazing bonuses including a masterclass and your copy of the And Asset for Canadians book!

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Join Richard and Jayson as they welcome back Canada’s # 1 Amazon Resale Coach, Jonathan Proulx.

Jonathan started his career in Northern Alberta’s oilfriend as a tradesman. After spending several years working for someone else, he realized that there were far better opportunities out there.

Fast forward to today, he’s a very successful entrepreneur and has created a course with his business partner to help others find better opportunity. Sit back, relax and listen to Jayson, Richard and Jonathan discuss how the Infinite Banking System has helped Jonathan create even more wealth inside his business

Joining Jayson & Richard today is long time friend & loving father, The Family Mortgage Guy a.k.a. Curtis Arnold.

Curtis has been a client & fellow Infinite Banking practitioner for just over five years. During this time, Curtis has used the available cash value to help fund his real estate business. Curtis, Jayson & Richard discuss the many benefits of Becoming Your Own Banker. Most people will be in disbelief until they actually do their research & see for themselves how life changing these policies can be.

Listen in to hear the importance of starting a Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance for kids.

Understanding how Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance Policies work can literally be life-changing!

Take it from Borysa. She is the Owner of BOS Events and is an Experienced Event Producer and Consultant. Because of the Infinite Banking Concept, she has been able to stay calm, cool, and collected financially during this pandemic.

Tune in to hear Jayson, Richard & Borysa discuss the impact COVID has had on public events and how Borysa has been able to pivot her business with the creation of BOS Industries with the help of the Infinite Banking Concept.

Today Richard and Jayson are joined by their friend and fellow Infinite Banker, Fong Chua.

Fong is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Business Coach and Podcast Host. He has been his own banker for approximately 9 years now.

In those 9 years, Fong has been able to fund his real estate business and also help friends in need with the cash value he accumulates inside of his Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance Policy.

Fong’s passion is to add value to others and help them unlock their true potential. Tune in to hear the trio discuss all the benefits that Infinite Banking brings.

Today Jayson is joined by clients, David and Trish Price.

Earlier in life, David & Trish were just like the majority of people. They believed in the “power” of RRSPs. Even though RRSPs helped them fund things like school for David, they were always left with a declining balance.

Enter the Infinite Banking Concept.

Now, David & Trish are basically debt free & they have stopped arguing over money! Isn’t that great! They have also passed on their knowledge to their family, friends & children.