About Us


Your Host Jayson is Canada’s best sought after expert on the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept. On this podcast he will give you his insights on how to keep more money available to your household and business, retire by design, minimize tax, grow capital daily on a foundation of guarantees, and create dependable wealth.


Your host Richard Canfield is a mentor and Authorized Infinite Banking Practicioner with the Nelson Nash Institute. His life changed forever in 2009 when he first Read R. Nelson Nash’s book Becoming Your Own Banker. Since then he has passionately been teaching, and implementing the Infinite Banking Process with his clients all over Canada and coaching other Financial Advisors how to share this powerful message the way Nelson Nash intended within their own client communities.

About Wealth Without Bay Street

This podcast launch is widely anticipated by Canadians coast to coast. Your Hosts, Jayson and Richard will interview a wide variety of people, from experts to authors, and each one has a unique money story to share. This podcast is perfect for the Person who wants to make their financial life easier or better. This won’t be a traditional financial show. It takes a closer look at how Jayson and Richard are changing the way People think about money. Whether you are someone who earns a good income, spends less than what you make, and want to boost your financial power, or you own a real business producing real profits, get ready to boost your own financial power! Wealth Without Bay Street… the name says it all