March 30, 2023

160. ​​A Methodology for Wealth Building with Brett Tanner

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
160. ​​A Methodology for Wealth Building with Brett Tanner

Wealth Without Bay Street 160. ​​A Methodology for Wealth Building with Brett Tanner. Brett Tanner joins Richard and Jayson to discuss Brett’s Be Wealthy mastermind program for real estate investors. The program aims to teach agents how to transition from being realtors to investors and create wealth outside of their businesses. Brett emphasizes the importance of scaling and passivity in investing and discusses the three keys to generating massive wealth. 


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Brett Tanner is a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent. He blends a unique marketing methodology with a results driven approach to real estate. Brett’s real estate team of 40+ agents is ranked #9 in the country by the Wall Street Journal, while selling over $2 billion in real estate. 


Brett’s initial success with real estate sales and investments propelled him to broader opportunities which created the framework that is Tanner Cap today. His passion for excellence and desire to enhance the client experience was his ignition to build and lead business ventures within the real estate industry.  


Brett’s vision to systematize the home buying and selling experience promotes consistency and a seamless opportunity for both agent and clients while serving as a model to optimize profitability. This methodology for wealth building led Brett to modes of passive wealth generation through lending. 



0:00 Intro

2:48 What the goal of most business owners

5:09 Brett's three greatest strengths: Operational excellence, linear execution and wealth management.

7:02 Having the opportunity to mastermind with really big realtors

8:04 Creating his own mastermind program and using his real estate business as a deal flow for his investment arm

12:08 Three three keys to generate massive flow and return

20:04 How to contact Brett

21:50 Helping other people to inspire their journey

28:07 Advice to those who want to embark on the journey of creating wealth through real estate

29:33 When you have ready access to capital, opportunities of high caliber will track you down.

34:13 How wealth also relates to relationships

38:48 Building wealth and tax strategy

40:12 Whom he wants to be a hero to



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Canadians Guide To Wealth Building Without Risk


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