May 18, 2023

167. Create Cash At A Discount

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
167. Create Cash At A Discount

Wealth Without Bay Street 167: Create Cash At A Discount

Imagine giving just a nickel and receiving a dollar in return – that's a return on investment you simply can't pass up. Investing in a participating, dividend-paying whole life insurance contract is a smart move that ensures you can even generate cash at a discounted rate. 

How much would you like to generate? Partner with us and experience a completely different perspective to help you make the most of your premium investment. 

Tune in to this new episode – How To Create Cash At A Discount.

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[00:00:03] Introduction: Understand how participating dividend paying whole life insurance creates a lot of cash at a discount

[05:15] When do you want to stop putting premium payments into a policy?

[09:22] Get in a position of total and absolute control of your money

[10:36] Most term insurance sold ends at age 85

[13:59] Trust insurance specialists, not generalists

[16:06] The definition of the best investment

[17:09] Exercise: Check which assets on your personal balance sheet can be turned into cash without triggering a taxable event

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  • Create more cash at a discount.
  • Build wealth today that would otherwise take you a lifetime to accumulate. 
  • Access a discount cash-generating machine working in your favor to access capital when needed.  
  • The best investment is one that pays the most precisely when it's needed the most.————————————————————————————————


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