June 21, 2023

172. The Power Of Private Lending With Mortgages

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
172. The Power Of Private Lending With Mortgages

Wealth Without Bay Street 172: The Power Of Private Lending With Mortgages

Are you not seeing the returns you hoped for with your retirement savings plans like RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, and the like? Why not consider private lending? 

It's a fantastic way to earn attractive interest rates in the real estate industry while supporting your fellow Albertan homeowners. 

Thanks to all the requests from our existing clients wanting to explore private lending, particularly in mortgage investments, we look into this lucrative option that can yield significant returns and amplify wealth. 

We are fortunate to have Steve Kurylo to sit with us and share secrets behind the long-term success of his company, Magnum Mortgage Corp and hear his valuable advice as Alberta's renowned Private Lending Guru.

To meet Steve and his team fill in the form located here: lendwithmagnum.com 

Tune in to this insightful new episode – The Power Of Private Lending With Mortgages

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[00:00:07] What exactly is the wild world of private lending, and why should Canadians know more about it? 

[01:52] Why did Steve leave school early and get into real estate at a young age 

[04:49] When something seems wrong or lacking – start daydreaming

[07:03] The tangible difference between wealth and freedom

[14:53] Losing years of savings became Steve's breakthrough  

[20:49]Become a passive lender in the real estate market 

[27:52] Working with a specialist like Magnum Mortgage and Realty Corp & what makes their approach so unique and successful

[00:32:10] Becoming a lender is made easier

[00:41:17] Get specific on your financial goals – the human brain doesn't address generalities 


  • More important than the creation of wealth is the creation of financial independence. Those are two different things.
  • From the borrower's vantage point, every debt payment you make is someone else's passive income
  • Private lending is a good way for your money to grow and take the least risk to achieve financial growth.
  • Let's bring the control back at the you-and-me level in our financial lives.



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