September 20, 2023

185. What is an Infinite Banking Policy?

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
185. What is an Infinite Banking Policy?

Wealth Without Bay Street 185: What is an Infinite Banking Policy?

There is no such thing as ‘Infinite Banking Policy.' You may hear this everywhere on the Internet. Statements such as “here is how to get yourself an ‘Infinite Banking Policy.' These are three words put together a lot that never should be. 

Why, you ask? Because there's no such thing.

Certainly, the call needs to be raised to our colleagues and fellow IBC  practitioners, and we should be mindful of our language to educate our clients. More importantly there is many out in the marketplace with a microphone “claiming” to teach Nelson Nash’s concept who are not Authorized and misleading the general public on a regular basis. 

Using terms like ‘Infinite Banking Policy' can be misleading since no such product exists!

Learn why this type of language is completely wrong and how it can be damaging to both consumers, agents and even the insurance industry all together – WATCH the full episode: What is an Infinite Banking Policy? with Jayson Lowe & Richard Canfield

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[00:00] Introduction: What is an Infinite Banking Policy? 

[04:25] Do not refer to your whole life policy as an infinite banking policy

[07:07] What the policy owner needs to understand

[10:45] The “lazy way” of explaining IBC

[14:15] You are the banker, you make the rules

[18:54] Let's shift our mindset from competition to collaboration

[23:15] Make policy loans digitally without having to fill in Mickey Mouse paperwork

[25:33] Communicate what's true


  • The Infinite Banking concept is a process – not a product. 
  • If you start thinking collaboratively and stop thinking competitively – opportunities appear everywhere.
  • Our job is to create clarity about infinite banking as a process and not as a sales tool. 

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