October 18, 2023

189. What Are You Really Worth?

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
189. What Are You Really Worth?

Wealth Without Bay Street 189: What Are You Really Worth?

“What Would the Rockefellers Do?” is one great read not just for advisors but for anybody who is looking to grow and protect their wealth for generations. 

In this new episode, we sit down with the author himself, Michael Isom who invites us to think about how the concept of human life value is crucial here. Our worth as individuals and the ideas we generate are what give rise to property value. 

So, it's a simple equation: to enhance our property value, let's focus on enhancing our human life value. Remember, the true source and creator of all property value lies within our own selves.

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[01:01] Meet the mastermind behind the groundbreaking book“What We're Worth: Realize Your HLV (Human Life Value)… And Know What You're Really Worth”

[09:05] Painful lessons from tying self-worth to financial balance sheet

[12:36] Writing “What Would the Rockefellers Do?”

[15:54] Contribution or contamination?

[19:45] Return On Investment vs. Return On You

[22:49] The danger of falling into the arrival syndrome

[28:47] Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to MONEY? 


  • Who we are as a person is the source and the creator of all property value.  
  • Knowing is so much more empowering than hoping.  
  • The more you learn – the more you create value. 
  • Don't tie your self-worth to your financial balance sheet.

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Michael Isom is a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, and visionary author whose extraordinary journey encapsulates resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of a values-driven life.

Having achieved remarkable material success in business, Michael faced a dramatic reversal due to ill-fated investments. This pivotal moment prompted a profound shift, prioritizing meaning, family, and inner fulfillment over superficial wealth.

From this transformation, he conceived the “Human Life Value Balance Sheet” concept, offering a holistic measure of prosperity and happiness. His book, “What We're Worth,” shares his journey and inspires others to embrace a values-based life.

As a devoted husband, father, and businessman, Michael conducts workshops, trainings, and inspiring keynote speeches, offering actionable strategies for optimizing “HLV” in all aspects of life.

Michael's contributions extend to finance, where he founded Vault AIS. He co-authored “What Would The Rockefellers Do” and champions “The AIS Triangle™,” a system simplifying personal finance while preserving wealth across generations.

His insights on gratitude, self-improvement, legacy, and the pitfalls of materialism have enriched countless lives.

Based in St. George, Utah, with his wife, Wendy, Michael Isom exemplifies the power of a values-driven life, inspiring lasting prosperity, fulfillment, and significance.

Connect with Michael: https://michaelgisom.com/



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