November 15, 2023

193. Gold Backed Banking: The Best Form of Insurance

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
193. Gold Backed Banking: The Best Form of Insurance

Wealth Without Bay Street 193: Gold Backed Banking: The Best Form of Insurance

Heads up, Canada folks! It's important to stay informed about some concerning developments happening around us. 

In this episode, we sit with Brett Oland as we talk about the latest 2023 budget, potential changes to federal matters and where credit unions hold an edge. 

Brett shares insights into the challenges faced by the banking industry and how he's innovating the game, especially in Alberta, Canada.

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[00:00:02] Introduction

[00:01:57] Finding inspiration to take on the role as CEO at the Bow Valley Credit Union

[00:03:05] The forty distinctions of a credit union

[00:06:26] The power of being a member-owned institution

[00:07:32] Concerning developments that Canadians need to be aware of

[00:17:30] Writing a letter to Finance Minister Nate Horner asking the province to recognize gold and silver as currency

[00:23:04] Difficulties and challenges of becoming a gold-backed bank

[00:24:37] How BVCU is revolutionizing the traditional banking experience

[00:29:52] How does a credit union differ from a regular bank? 


  • The heartbeat and circulation of the economy is money that's in motion.
  • Any time you mix too much government interference with economics creates challenges.
  • Gold and silver are a currency rather than a commodity. 

Brett Oland is the Chief Executive Officer at Bow Valley Credit Union (BVCU). He brings over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, working relentlessly to bring financial empowerment to communities. 

Brett served as the Chair for three years and Vice-Chair for one year on the Board of Directors of Credit Union Central of Alberta, spanning a total of 7 years. Before his current role, he also served on the Board of Directors of BVCU for six years.

Brett is a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada with 20 years of solid expertise in financial management. He holds an ICD.D (Institute of Corporate Directors Designation) from Rotman, University of Toronto. 

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