December 6, 2023

196. How to Achieve Personal and Financial Sovereignty

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
196. How to Achieve Personal and Financial Sovereignty

Wealth Without Bay Street 196: How to Achieve Personal and Financial Sovereignty

We are witnessing a concerning trend: federal authority is encroaching on the jurisdiction of the provinces in Canada. This limits the decision-making power that the provinces are entitled to under our constitutional rights. 

In this episode, we have a conversation with Jay Martin, an investor and CEO, who highlights the consequences of this interference. When our local economies are hindered and our ability to govern in our best interest is compromised, it becomes evident that centralization leads to more mistakes and makes the system more vulnerable.

 Join us for an insightful discussion on achieving personal and financial sovereignty. Don't miss it! 

▶ How to Achieve Personal and Financial Sovereignty

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[01:22] Intro: How do we take personal sovereignty and a holistic approach to managing our money?

[04:28]  The event business is a fun business: Vancouver Investment Resource Conference

[08:18] The value of interviewing politicians

[15:17] A key theme happening right now in Canada

[20:03] Similarities in behavior and intention of governments and regular people 

[23:49] Lessons from the rise and fall of  empires in the last 500 years

[30:23] You got to learn how to think three generations down the road

[34:38] The number one reason that Warren Buffet is a household name

[44:32]  Teaching financial education to kids is paramount

[50:12] Building a solid money foundation

[55:01] Raise your hand first and ask the dumb questions


  • Learn how to think three generations down the road.  
  • We're all playing the same money game – but only a few people know the rules.
  • Separate yourself by seceding from the system that doesn't support you. 

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Jay Martin, investor and CEO of Cambridge House, dissects the minds of thought-leaders from around the world with expertise in money management, geopolitics, macro-finance, commodities, technology, and any emerging trends his audience should be learning about.

Jay’s mission is to cut through the noise and get to the signal, so he can find the most lucrative investment opportunities.

His goal is to challenge the way we think and the way we invest, knowing well that this can improve our lives for the better.

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