December 13, 2023

197. Self Leadership: How To Achieve Becoming Your Own Banker

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
197. Self Leadership: How To Achieve Becoming Your Own Banker

Wealth Without Bay Street 197: Self Leadership: How To Achieve Becoming Your Own Banker

If you find yourself complaining and feeling like a victim of the banking system, it's time to take charge and change the equation. 

Mike Sambrook, the Principal of Brackish Consulting Group and an IBC practitioner, puts it perfectly: many individuals miss out on unlocking generational wealth simply because they struggle to understand their current situation and are unsure about their desired destination. 

This holds true in various aspects of life, such as finance, health, business, and relationships. Every area of life is a journey from point A to point C, with point B being the path to get there.

▶ Self Leadership: How To Achieve Becoming Your Own Banker

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[01:29] Mike Sambrook: From baseball coaching to executive coaching

[07:16] Making the decision and discovering IBC

[13:25] The primary responsibility of a leader is to define reality 

[19:33] Do you want a different outcome? 

[25:35] Through the pain of change 

[31:20] Why you shouldn’t get fixated on life insurance as a tool

[38:16] Finding opportunity and freedom on the other side of frustration 

[45:34] Showing up differently and becoming your own hero


  • Often, the hardest thing for people is to define reality: ‘Where am I right now, and where do I want to go?’ 
  • If you feel like being a victim of the banking system – you have to find a way to change the equation.
  • The opportunity to find a better financial solution is on the other side of being upset. 

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Mike Sambrook is an Executive Coach and leadership consultant based out of Langley, BC. Mike works with leaders of all types specializing in assisting growing companies looking to develop the emerging leaders required within their organizations as they grow. His companies, Brackish Consulting Group Ltd. and People Incorporated support organizations through individual and group coaching, leadership development, strategic planning and conflict resolution. Mike has been married to his wife Dawn for 20 years and they have two children, Brie (15) and Jude (12). Mike is extremely active in the community, serving on multiple charity boards and coaching basketball. 

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