December 27, 2023

199. Cracking The Health and Wealth Code

Show Notes

Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
199. Cracking The Health and Wealth Code

Wealth Without Bay Street 199: Cracking The Health and Wealth Code

At our company, we emphasize the importance of protecting not just your finances but also prioritizing your health as a valuable asset. Just as you rely on advisors to handle your money matters, having guidance for your well-being is equally crucial. 

In this episode, we have Lisa Brooking, the CEO of Healthcode Medical Inc., joining us to discuss the value of functional medicine which gets to the root cause of health issues and utilizing innovative tech and testing. By combining these aspects, high quality person-centered care is becoming more accessible for many of us. 

We can look at “health insurance” in a whole new way through a proactive and preventative approach to living a longer and healthier life.

Cracking The Health and Wealth Code ▶ 

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[01:44]  Intro: Lisa's journey from being a critical care nurse to a longevity champion

[04:48]  Health is an asset class – it can't be ignored

[07:13] Personalized annual medical you can be excited about

[10:18] The power of data and wearable technology 

[15:43] Employing established, new & emerging tests that are best in class

[21:35] Holistic approach to healing with Healthcode Medical Inc., 

[28:59] What to expect in booking your first annual testing with Healthcode

[34:51] Giving the gift of health


  • Health is an asset class.
  •  Ensuring you experience longevity requires a precise health plan. 
  • You matter much more than all the money that you can make. 

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Lisa Brooking, CEO of Healthcode Medical

Lisa is a dynamic and engaging health care leader with a proven track record in both the private and public sectors. She holds a deep understanding of the health care sector rooted in a progressive career starting as a critical care nurse. She is passionate about high quality person-centred care and her commitment to prioritize the well-being of patients. 

Lisa received the 2015 Young Women of the Year Award from the Orillia Business Women’s Association, later renamed in her honor to the Lisa Brooking Young Women of the Year Award, which is presented annually. She is also a world-ranked distance runner with numerous podium finishes. 

Most recently, she was the 2022 winner of the Miami Half-Marathon and placed second at the 2023 Vancouver Half-Marathon. 

 Discover more about Healthcode Medical on their website,, and also check out their informative magazine: 



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