February 28, 2024

208. Infinite Banking Nuances and Your Behavior

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
208. Infinite Banking Nuances and Your Behavior

Wealth Without Bay Street 208: Infinite Banking Nuances and Your Behavior

The insurance industry still suffers from a negative reputation due to the turn-and-burn method of selling. Instead of prioritizing service, salespeople focus solely on meeting goals and earning commissions.

Understanding the importance of a professional advisory relationship is the key to building a long-lasting plan that will support you throughout your entire life. 

Ryan Griggs, the founder and principal advisor of Griggs Capital Strategies, discusses the nuances of purchasing whole life insurance. He emphasizes the importance of being cautious when receiving shallow advice and truly understanding the significance of taking ownership.

Tune in! ▶ Infinite Banking Nuances and Your Behavior

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[00:00:10] Introduction

[00:05:48] IBC is not just about addressing the yield of an investment

[00:10:01] You can't learn how to implement a lifelong process in a 30-second soundbite

[00:14:57] Behind the common marketing: “How to build wealth with IBC” 

[00:25:36] The mindset of paying the minimum amount required 

[00:38:30] Turn-and-burn selling vs Nurturing

[00:46:28] Why people have a negative opinion of financial advisors


▪ The market focuses on wealth accumulation, not on preserving and growing it.  

▪ You won't find a ready-made, cookie cutter policy for infinite banking because it's not a policy. 

Financial advising and financial analysis is not only about finding the larger number but creating strong relationships. 

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Ryan Griggs is the founder and principal advisor of Griggs Capital Strategies where since 2017 he has helped clients implement Nelson Nash's Infinite Banking Concept. 

Ryan's background is primarily academic. He's earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics and is currently a PhD student in Austrian Economics under Dr. Bob Murphy through the University Francisco Marroquin. 

He is co-host of the Banking with Life podcast, creator of the Whole Life Insurance Mechanics lecture series on YouTube, and author of the forthcoming book How to Buy Whole Life: A Framework for Becoming Your Own  Banker.

Website: https://www.griggscapitalstrategies.com/



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