March 6, 2024

209. Buying a House with the Infinite Banking Concept

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
209. Buying a House with the Infinite Banking Concept

Wealth Without Bay Street 209: Buying a House with the Infinite Banking Concept

In today's Client Series episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Adam Marshall to our show. With an impressive track record as a Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awardee for Re/Max in Ontario, his expertise in the real estate industry spans over two decades. From countless houses sold to every type of transaction imaginable, Adam has truly seen it all. 

He openly expresses his early reservations about life insurance in general. Being a firm believer in the philosophy of “Buy Term and Invest the Difference,” it took him years of extensive research and dedicated study to embrace the concept of infinite banking. 

Join us as he shares his personal journey as a real estate investor and how he achieved BUYING A HOUSE MADE EASY USING THE INGENIOUS CONCEPT OF INFINITE BANKING. 

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[00:00:10] Introduction

[00:03:30] The indoctrination of the BTID strategy

[00:07:09]  Proving the IBC concept 

[00:12:52] Using a whole life insurance policy to close a house FAST

[00:13:35] Teaching kids early about IBC

[00:16:24] IBC Practitioners: “I wish I would have started sooner”

[00:20:48]  Start small and experience the process

[00:29:47] Advice for those who are not even willing to open the door to the infinite banking concept 

[00:36:50] Rich people read books


▪ The role of becoming your own banker is so liberating.

▪ The Infinite Banking Concept is meant to be ridiculously simple so that we can explain it to our children at an early age. 

▪ Implementing the Infinite Banking Concept in my life helps me sleep better at night, knowing that everything is taken care of.   

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Adam Marshall is a real estate broker from Brantford, Ontario. He has been with Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc. since early 2003, building strong connections with sellers, buyers, and investors through his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service.

In his leisure time, Adam loves exploring the great outdoors with his family and immersing himself in practical financial books, seeking valuable insight to apply to his own life.

Adhering to a business philosophy that views every client as family, Adam and his team diligently work towards earning the trust and respect of each client. By leveraging his extensive expertise as both a real estate professional and an investor, he shares invaluable experiences and knowledge with clients.

Adam's unique offer, “Your Home Sold Guaranteed… or Adam will buy it!”, grants sellers much-needed peace of mind and confidence when making a large purchase & knowing their home is already SOLD! 

Recognized as a member of the distinguished RE/MAX Titan, Hall of Fame, and Lifetime Achievement, Adam and his team remain committed to strive for peak performance and setting new heights in the real estate industry.

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