March 15, 2024

210. Upgrading Your Wealth By Upgrading Your Health

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
210. Upgrading Your Wealth By Upgrading Your Health

Wealth Without Bay Street 210: Upgrading Your Wealth By Upgrading Your Health


Can upgrading your health be the secret to boosting your wealth?

In this episode, we're diving into the powerful link between your health and financial success. Joined by Barton Scott, Founder and CEO of, we explore how innovative health solutions can lay the groundwork for financial prosperity, especially for those intrigued by the Infinite Banking Concept. Discover the transformative potential of stabilized nano minerals and how they can amplify your journey toward financial independence.

Tune in and learn how small, consistent steps in wellness can lead to significant leaps in wealth.


▶️ Upgrading Your Wealth By Upgrading Your Health


Key Points:

00:00 Introduction

05:15 The groundbreaking realm of stabilized nano minerals and nanoparticle technology.

10:11 Understand the importance of democratizing wellness.

13:15 Transformative power of addressing mineral deficiencies through hair analysis.

17:53 Profound impact of optimal mineral balance on personal and professional life.

21:25 Empowering experience of hair testing for health optimization.

27:14 Benefits of proactive health management through regular and accessible testing.

30:56 Challenge common medical misconceptions about nutrient deficiencies.

35:20  Value of personalized consultation and actionable health plans based on specific test results.

37:22 Innovative nutrient absorption technology developed to counteract common deficiencies.

41:29 Significant improvements in health and fertility through specialized supplements.

44:48 The profound impact of subtle lifestyle and nutritional changes on health and wealth.



Barton Scott is a trailblazer in the field of health and wellness, merging his extensive expertise as a biochemist, inventor, and behavioral nutritionist with his entrepreneurial spirit as the founder and CEO of In 2015, he revolutionized mineral supplementation by developing a novel industrial process to create Stabilized Nano Minerals, boasting unprecedented absorption rates without traditional digestive requirements. His invention of an at-home hair analysis testing method further cements his commitment to personalized health, enabling individuals to swiftly identify and rectify fundamental nutrient deficiencies. Barton's groundbreaking work, including the development of a supplement shown to dramatically improve sleep quality in a double-blinded clinical trial, positions him at the forefront of the movement to enhance wealth through optimal health.

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