March 20, 2024

211. Wealth Creation Through Real Estate

Show Notes

Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
211. Wealth Creation Through Real Estate

Wealth Without Bay Street 211: Wealth Creation Through Real Estate


Wondering how to turn real estate into real wealth?

In this episode, we unravel the secrets of wealth creation through real estate with Meghan Hubner, a seasoned independent consultant dedicated to guiding established businesses on their journey to sustainable growth. Meghan shares her transition from the healthcare industry to real estate consulting, offering unique insights into the challenges and opportunities within the real estate market. Discover the critical link between solid business foundations and successful real estate investing.

Tune in to guide you through the maze of real estate investing with practical tips and proven strategies.


▶️ Wealth Creation Through Real Estate


Key Points:

00:00 Introduction

04:55 Identifying the intersection between consulting for small businesses and the real estate investment community.

09:35 Misconception that real estate is the only way to build wealth.

14:16 Differentiating between consulting and coaching in the real estate realm.

17:01 Potential of selling a well-organized real estate business as a whole entity rather than individual properties.

20:12 Trend towards securing equity in properties over promissory notes.

23:03 Challenges and risks associated with promissory notes in real estate investments.

27:16 Offering a consultative approach to real estate investment.

31:34 The necessity for multiple exit strategies in real estate investments.

38:03 Importance of understanding and running real estate investments as a business.

42:56 Advising real estate investors to conduct thorough due diligence, especially in areas with changing regulations.

46:12 Expressing a desire to inspire and empower individuals who are hesitant to pursue their goals.



Meghan Hubner is a dynamic force in the real estate and business consulting world, bringing over a decade of experience in sales, business management, and entrepreneurship to her role as the founder of Hubner Consulting Limited. With a robust background in marketing and entrepreneurial management, Meghan specializes in steering businesses toward sustainable growth, emphasizing real estate investment as a cornerstone for wealth creation. Her strategic insights into accounting, marketing, operations, and human resources have propelled numerous businesses to new heights. As Vice President and Director of Cornerstone Multifamily Inc., she mentors aspiring entrepreneurs in building generational wealth through savvy real estate investments. Meghan's diverse expertise is further highlighted by her success as an Airbnb super host and her ventures into international property flipping.

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