May 8, 2024

218. Real Estate Investor Uses Infinite Banking in Quebec Canada

Show Notes

Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
218. Real Estate Investor Uses Infinite Banking in Quebec Canada

Wealth Without Bay Street 218: Real Estate Investor Uses Infinite Banking in Quebec Canada


How can you maximize your real estate investments in Quebec?


In this episode, we dive deep into the innovative strategies behind successful real estate investments in Quebec, Canada. We are joined by Axel Monsaingeon, a trailblazer in Quebec's real estate scene, who shares his journey from the corporate world to becoming a real estate mogul. Discover how integrating the Infinite Banking Concept has revolutionized his approach to building and sustaining wealth.


Tune in now and discover how to take control of your financial destiny in Quebec’s vibrant real estate market!


▶️ Real Estate Investor Uses Infinite Banking in Quebec Canada


Key Points:

00:00 Introduction

04:30 Journey from corporate life to real estate investment.

09:00 Importance of creating communities through real estate investments.

13:35 Benefits of incorporating the Infinite Banking Concept into real estate.

18:00 Navigating the tenant-friendly laws in Quebec.

22:25 Cultural insights on investing in Quebec.

27:00 Community building among real estate professionals in Quebec. 

33:26 The simplicity and benefits of infinite banking.

38:47 Value of community support in financial ventures.


Axel Monsaingeon is a distinguished leader in the Quebec real estate investment scene, leveraging his extensive background in economics and supply chain management to excel in various sectors from consumer products to manufacturing. With his profound expertise in real estate finance, mortgage lending, and underwriting, Axel has become a cornerstone in the industry, guiding investors to flourish through informed decision-making and strategic financial planning. Beyond his professional achievements, Axel is deeply committed to the success of his peers, finding joy in their achievements and continually pushing the boundaries of conventional investment strategies. His approach not only enriches his clients' portfolios but also their understanding of the dynamic market in Quebec, making him a sought-after expert and mentor in the realm of infinite banking and real estate investment.







Liliana P. Danila is a seasoned Financial Security Advisor based in Montreal, renowned for her dedication to helping individuals and families achieve financial security and abundance. With more than 16 years of experience in the financial services industry, Liliana holds a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) designation and specializes in retirement strategies, risk management, wealth creation, estate planning, and wealth transfer. Her mission is to empower her clients by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed financial decisions, ensuring a secure and prosperous future.



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