May 3, 2023

165. Faith And Freedom In Infinite Banking

Show Notes

Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
165. Faith And Freedom In Infinite Banking

Wealth Without Bay Street 165: Faith And Freedom In Infinite Banking

From constitutional lawyer to entrepreneur and epic podcast host, tune in to the inspiring journey of Leighton Grey.  

For several years, Leighton has firmly established himself as one of Alberta's preeminent lawyers. His outstanding record in the courtroom has made its way into the world of business. Leighton believes that achieving financial freedom is in itself an immense service to many others.  

In this episode, he shares the value of seeking intelligent conversations, our destiny to build generational wealth and his point of view on R. Nelson Nash's concept of becoming his own banker. 

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[05:07] Introduction: Meet Leighton Grey, an incredible litigator well-known in the Canadian space pursuing entrepreneurship and infinite banking 

[12:10] The most important thing about being in business with someone is having a shared set of values 

[14:48] A lawyer's POV about Mr. Nash's whole concept of becoming your own banker  

[22:06] You and your family deserve the beautiful gift of generational wealth 

[27:57] The gross misclassification of whole life insurance 

[35:21] A financial strategy that puts your interests first – not the banks!  

[47:16] What practitioners in the legal business need to know about infinite banking 

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  • Financial freedom is something to be created, not pursued.  
  • Every time the consumer sends money to the bank, they're expanding that bank's capabilities to create more money that hasn't existed before. 
  • To be your own banker, that's like a dream.  
  • Create the beautiful gift of generational wealth.  
  • Anybody at any age who will discover Nelson Nash's incredible piece of wisdom will find it so powerful.  
  • Just about every lawyer who is in practice, even the ones who are in very large firms, are beholden to banks.  



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