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Enhance Your Real Estate Investing With IBC

Discover How To Supercharge Your Real Estate Investments

Date: Thursday, October 26th 2023 at 6:30 PM To 8:00 PM MT

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Attend This Session To Discover:

  • How to enhance your Real Estate Investment with IBC.
  • How to gain control and flexibility with your financial decisions in order to build more opportunities for growth.
  • How to build wealth on a long-term basis to ensure a financially stress-free life.
  • How to better manage financial risks and create a security blanket so that you have generational wealth.
  • How to create tax efficient transfer of wealth to your family so that your family is always financially secure even after your passing.

Richard Canfield

Amazon Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner, Business Owner, Real Estate Investor, Father, Husband, and all-around nice guy

In 2009, Richard’s life changed completely when he read the book Becoming Your Own Banker, Unlock The Infinite Banking Concept by R.Nelson Nash. He knew this was what he had been looking for all his life.

Nelson Nash became his friend and mentor. Richard and his team now teach his powerful message of financial hope and control to North Americans. As an Amazon Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner, Richard is passionate about putting people in the driver’s seat of their financial life and creating durable, dependable, generational wealth. They work with families, business owners and Real Estate Investors to strategize how they can keep more of the hard-earned money that flows through their hands over a lifetime.

JinJin Fung

In 2001, JinJin came to Canada as an international student. She pursued education in Economics, Statistics, and Operations Research/Industrial Engineering at UBC and worked in a government job for eight years. However, she felt something was missing from the Canadian dream and began searching for better financial opportunities to support her family and parents.

Starting in 2014, JinJin delved into real estate investing, building a multi-million-dollar portfolio with various strategies. In 2018, with three children and concerns about financial stability, family protection, estate planning, and generational wealth, she discovered the “Infinite Banking Concept” in Nelson Nash's book, “Becoming Your Own Banker.” This revelation led her to establish her family banking system with Ascendant Financial and become an authorized advisor and dedicated coach in Canada as an Infinite Banking Practitioner.


Taran Sousa

Taran Sousa, an advisor at Ascendant Financial Inc., transitioned from a traditional engineering career to pursue his passion for personal finance and wealth-building. He acquired a diverse set of strategies through personal development, networking, and education. In 2020, facing a layoff due to the pandemic, Taran decided to help others achieve financial independence. He discovered the “Becoming Your Own Banker” concept, became a client of Ascendant and within a few months he became a team member as well. Today, he empowers fellow Canadians to become their own banker, guiding them through the implementation of IBC and sharing his ever growing knowledge of cash flow amplification and wealth-building strategies.

About Ascendant Financial

At Ascendant Financial, Jayson leads a Team of Professionals, highly sought after for their expertise and commitment to the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, developed by the late R. Nelson Nash. This is evident in all areas of Ascendant Financial and its successful process, which works to help People achieve financial prosperity in both their personal and business lives. They works closely with Accountants, Lawyers, and Strategic Partners to provide unique and unrivaled solutions that maximize our Client’s wealth.

He is recognized as one of Canada’s top overall Advisors, author of several publications, and co-author of The Bankers’ Secret, a Simple Guide to Creating Personal Wealth for Canadians. Jayson has delivered hundreds of presentations to the general public, appeared on countless stages and interviews. He is internationally recognized as one of the leading educators and implementers of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept.

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