166. How The Infinite Banking System Started

Wealth Without Bay Street 166: How The Infinite Banking System Started Consider the image of a tree stump for a moment. Former forester turned powerhouse financial thinker Nelson Nash likens it to investing in a whole life insurance policy. He once asked, “What does each ring represent?”  The answer: it symbolizes one year of uninterrupted […]

151. Real Estate Investor Becomes Infinite Banking Coach | Jinjin Fung

Wealth Without Bay Street EPISODE 151: Featuring on today’s episode of Wealth Without Bay Street is returning guest, JinJin Fung. JinJin believes finance is a big part of everybody’s life. There is an efficient and peaceful way to take care of it and control it – practising the process of becoming your own banker. She doesn’t see this as a job but as a mission to pass on this great concept so more people can benefit from it.