Cash Follows the Leader

Uninterrupted Daily Growth with High Cash Value Life Insurance


How do you create uninterrupted daily growth with high cash-value life insurance?
Finally, a simple, easy-to-read book that expands on the powerful Infinite Banking Concept developed by the late R. Nelson Nash. Jayson Lowe and Richard Canfield explain the foundation of dividend-paying, participating whole life insurance can be built for lasting wealth creation. The powerful financing capabilities and contractual elements of a custom-designed whole-life contract can provide stable, peaceful, stress-free methods of wealth accumulation and capital accessibility.

Opportunities in life come to those who are well-capitalized. Discover how these plans are designed and the core fundamental building blocks of Paid-Up additions create the most stable compound effect you can find in the modern financial world. Discover a world of financial control that most only dream of and start your journey now with this incredible book!

What’s inside? 

  • A forward by Austrian Economist and Authorized Infinite Banking Concept Practitioner Ryan D. Griggs of Griggs Capital Strategies 
  • The true power of control and how to maximize it 
  • A policy versus a system of policies 
  • The foundation of the par contract 
  • How and why your Cash Follows The Leader
  • Finding the money to get started 
  • A 91-year client case study of redirecting cash flow to fund their system and create passive income for two generations! 
  • A look at the financial Min-van and why you should have one
  • How you can diversify your capital in lives insured and attract high calibre opportunities

A note from the Authors:

We want our fellow Canadians to succeed financially in a financial system that has not been designed to help them. We have discovered a peaceful and stress-free way of operating your financial life that will empower you and your loved ones to take back control of your financial well being. This process is simple and can be implemented by almost any Canadian family or business owner. Read our bestselling book to see the same method we have implemented and helped thousands of Canadian households embrace to learn how you can do the same. You deserve a life of abundance and we hope our book adds the missing piece of the financial puzzle to your life.




Discover how Canadians are Building Wealth Without Risk by following the process of Becoming Your Own Banker.


This book explains how to implement The Infinite Banking Concept®️ as described by the late R. Nelson Nash who pioneered the concept. No matter how successful you are, your family’s wealth will always be limited if you rely on mass-market retail banking to finance your future, instead, take control over the banking function as it relates to your personal economy. Finally, a simple way that you can be in the driver's seat of your money for generations.


Many people are simply unaware of their true options because they assume the products offered by big banks and financial institutions are the only choice. The good news…there are some surprisingly straightforward ways to increase your financial options, create uninterrupted compounding growth, and retain control over your money.


Have you ever had the gut feeling something was fundamentally wrong with the financial world we live in?


Are you concerned that the banking system and perhaps even the government do not have your best financial interests at heart?


Then now is the time to discover how you can become your own banker and experience a peaceful stress-free way of building your wealth with absolute certainty.


This book will give Canadians the edge they need to protect, preserve, and grow their net worth in an uncertain world.


Brought to you by Jayson Lowe and Richard Canfield, Wealth Without Bay Street is a Canadian Podcast focused on accelerating the financial independence of Canadians. Now the concepts they have been teaching all over Canada are in your hands with this book. Remember to subscribe to the Wealth Without Bay Street Podcast for more great content that focuses on the mindsets, principles, and strategies you can bank on.


Here's a taste of what is covered In this book:

  • The real value of control over your financial cashflow
  • How The Infinite Banking Concept can optimize efficiency on your money over your lifespan
  • The real truth in compounding and how one financial vehicle can create uninterrupted compound growth that you control
  • Becoming an opportunity magnet by capitalizing effectively
  • How to think and implement a Family Banking System that helps all members of your family prosper
  • The retirement confidence booster to help you have peace of mind
  • How you can begin to take emotions out of your finances when you have the power of certainty
  • How to move from Cash to Cash-value that is warehoused under your control and in private contracts outside of government control

Plus, you will get clear directions on how to get started on the journey and implement this strategy into your life!

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