April 5, 2023

161. Create More Certainty and Cash Value: Retirement Planning 2023

retirement planning

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Wealth Without Bay Street
Wealth Without Bay Street
161. Create More Certainty and Cash Value: Retirement Planning 2023

Wealth Without Bay Street 161: How To Create More Certainty and Cash Value | Retirement Planning 2023

The late and great Ben Feldman said the best investment is “one that pays the most when it's needed the most.” For the person looking to build dependable wealth, choosing and deciding where to invest your money can be challenging. Join Richard & Jayson as they talk about the power of warehousing your money in an entity that you own – giving you dependable wealth-building potential. 

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[00:00:02] Intro

[03:18] The word “retirement” and what it represents

[05:18] Why you should add a dividend-paying whole-life policy to your repertoire

[09:00] Conduct a liquidity test

[10:19] Counter market volatility with your real estate investments

[15:10] The perfect definition of the best investment

[19:39] Leveraging Insurance and building passive income

[23:53] Why the death benefit must have merit

[27:10] Setting a volatility buffer already installed in your financial plan 


“Don't do without and leave more behind.”

“The market always comes back. But on whose schedule?”

“Don’t kill the principal. Allow other assets or investment classes to produce the income you need.”

“The death benefit windfall will not trigger any taxable event when you have named beneficiaries, and you're leaving that money behind.”

“Your life insurance gives you financial certainty and reduces the stress and anxiety from what happens when you outlive your money.” 



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